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Hey there! My name is William Song, and I'm a certified hypnotherapist. My private practice has been in San Francisco since 2003. I help people to change habits, and I help those with chronic health issues. I'm the author of the book, "Healing and Hypnosis." My former career was in finance at a few companies. I worked in operations, trading, tech support, and lastly equity research at an investment bank. My dream was to become a hedge fund manager. But sometimes life gives us a detour. And I'm glad, because instead of getting my MBA and joining a hedge fund, I found my calling as a hypnotherapist. After all these years, I still love teaching self-hypnosis and helping clients to succeed.

What we'll do

Curious about hypnosis? In the mood to venture into the unknown? Then explore the power and mystery of your own mind. Here are a few topics we'll cover... - What is hypnosis? - How do people use it to break habits or achieve goals? - Is it different than meditation? - How does it work? Here's what you'll experience... - You will hypnotize yourself while you're walking. - You will hypnotize yourself while you're thinking random thoughts. - You will hypnotize yourself just by breathing. You will have the opportunity, if you're curious, to ask your subconscious mind a question. - If it wants to talk with you, it will say something. - If it's upset with you, it may sulk in silence. - If it's in a playful mood, it may joke around with you. - In other words, each person may have a different experience. - So what's been on your mind? What are you curious about? Then write that question down, and bring it to your subconscious when we meet. Bottom line: By learning self-hypnosis, you can weaken negative behaviors and strengthen positive behaviors. That's why people use hypnosis: to change habits and behaviors. By the end of two hours... - You'll know more about hypnosis than 99% of the population. - You'll be able to hypnotize yourself in three ways to improve your life. - And you'll have had the opportunity to ask your subconscious mind a question. Are you ready to explore the mystery inside your own head? Then come have your own Hypnosis Experience.



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