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Over the years, more than hundreds of thousands of users and hosts have redefined the way people experience their cities, developed their passions and talents, and essentially, connect with one another through the sharing of these passions.

As a way of showing our appreciation, we are happy to announce our new Verlocal Ambassador program.

Starting today, we are accepting applications from our biggest fans to join the Verlocal family as Ambassadors. Go on free adventures and experiences in the city.  All you have to do is simply share those experiences with the bigger community.

What is a Verlocal Ambassador?

  • Ambassadors are passionate individuals about discovering, sharing and experiencing their cities Verlocal-style.
  • You also have a unique voice and love to share your adventures with the more than hundreds of thousands of your fellow Verlocal peers.
  • You are an enthusiastic hobbyist or have an ardent interest with an online presence.
  • Verlocal ambassadors also have an innate love for writing, capturing photos and videos and turn them into moving stories and content for our community.

What are my perks?

Every month, you get to enjoy one Verlocal experiences for free!
Yes, you heard it right, FREE!
Every friend that you invite to these free experiences enjoy a 20% discount!
Friends care but real friends share!
Get a free and exclusive t-shirt only for Verlocal Ambassadors.
You’re too cool to not flaunt your Verlocal swag!
Have you content read by more than hundreds of thousands of Verlocal users and tens of thousands of fans on our social media channels.
Parachute your way to social media stardom!
Get your very own account on our Verlocal blog to post content with your very own column!
Yes, that’s how much we trust you as the advocate for our users!

and many more to come!


Can I become a Verlocal Ambassador?

Everyone is welcome to apply! We are looking for people from all walks of life with a knack for adventure, city exploration and also the forte to tell engaging stories.

However, we do have some basic considerations:

  • You are at least 17 years of age or older.
  • You  believe in Verlocal’s mission of empowering talented individuals and have a strong desire to connect with Verlocal’s hosts.
  • You eat social media for breakfast.
  • You love creating content from writing, taking pictures, capturing videos, even drawing comics.
  • You follow us on our social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

These considerations are not strict.
We will review applications on a case-by-case basis. Because we know every individual is unique!

What do I have to do as an ambassador?

  • For every sponsored experiences, you are expected to create high-quality digital content like stories, interviews and videos about your Verlocal experiences.
  • If not, you can also write about your hobby, share new tips and insights about your interests or even the history of your city. Most importantly, as long as they help people to discover, share and inspire like our motto!
  • Be an active member and help build our Verlocal Ambassador community

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