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CraftJam Academy: Lettering Workshop Series

Manhattan, NY , United States

About Your Host

If you’re in the mood for DIY, looking to take up a new hobby, or just want an excuse to get out of your apartment and do something fun and stress-free, CraftJam is the place for you! Here at CraftJam, we have literally made it our business to provide real-world workshops where anyone can make and create cool DIY projects in an upbeat and social setting. We know first-hand how therapeutic jewelry making can be after a long work day, and how friendships blossom over yarn, wine and conversation. Not sure you’re the creative type? Don’t worry about it! Whether you join us on your own or bring a plus-one (or five), we invite people of all skill-levels to come create with us! This is a great opportunity to give your brain a break from city life and let your imagination run wild!

What we’ll do

Lettering can be simply defined as “the art of drawing letters” – it is a specific combination of letterforms crafted for a single use, often hand-drawn, with pens, graphite or brushes. In 3 sessions designer Jessie Katz will introduce you to the basic techniques of lettering and guide you in creating a unique hand-drawn wall-art piece. You will finish the workshop with a tutorial on digitizing your designs. The curriculum: 1st week: Introduction to lettering throughout history Defining the difference between typography, calligraphy, and lettering Techniques on designing and embellishing letters 2nd week: Advanced techniques on designing and embellishing letters Explore multiple concepts for your final art piece & start sketching 3rd week: Complete your final art piece This class is beginner-friendly; no experience necessary! We will have all the supplies and materials ready for you. Also, we are BYOB friendly, so bring a drink of your choice. This class is especially good for bloggers, small businesses and anybody working in social media. You’ll finish class with the skills to create unique signage and images that will make your blog and social media sites pop! Jessie Katz is a talented graphic designer and artist who has plenty of experience in teaching crafts and design. She is also the author of the blog Crafty What Not.



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    Team CraftJam

    $180 USD

    per person


    $180 USD

    per person