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Photography Basics: Control Your Camera

Milwaukee, WI , United States
2 h

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I am a filmmaker and photographer, currently pursuing my Master's at UWM. I've taught filmmaking in Iowa and Nicaragua, directed movies in Wyoming, and hypnotized chickens in Minnesota. Now I'm living in Milwaukee, and I'm eager to share my love of film and photography with you.

What we'll do

Don't let the camera control you. Take over. It's so easy to take a picture without thinking. Automatic camera modes are handy, but they also make a lot of decisions for you. The way to get the most out of our cameras and to start making great photos is to make those decisions ourselves. In the Control Your Camera workshop, the first thing we will do is switch into full manual mode so that we control our cameras… not the other way around. The Experience: This two-hour workshop will cover the basics of controlling exposure and white balance in any camera with manual controls. Whether your interest lies in portraiture, landscapes, or street photography, the material we cover will help you understand your camera and make better pictures. No experience is required. In this class, appropriate for beginner photographers or as a refresher for intermediate and advanced shooters, we cover the basics of exposure, and discuss what settings to use in order to get the most out of your camera. Weather permitting, we'll head outside and spend the rest of our time taking photographs and experimenting with what those manual controls can do. The following areas will be covered: - Exposure and the reciprocity system - ISO - Aperture - Shutter speed - Contrast ratios - Controlling light - White balance - Composition and framing You will be expected to bring your own camera: a digital SLR is preferred, but any decent camera with manual controls is acceptable; even newer smartphones will get the job done. Film shooters are welcome too!



for Photography Basics: Control Your Camera

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