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21 day Detox Cleanse

The ultimate detox for the mind, body, and spirit!!! After trying every cleanse in the book, I am so excited to lead people through the cleanse that I have fo...

21 day Detox Cleanse
San Francisco, CA, United States
5 h
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1 - 100 Guest(s)

The ultimate detox for the mind, body, and spirit!!! After trying every cleanse in the book, I am so excited to lead people through the cleanse that I have found to be the most powerful and effective! This cleanse involves an anti-inflammatory diet, clutter clearing/fung shuing your home, and Reiki attunements to re-align the 7 chakra systems of our body. Stick with the program a full 21 days and these are the results you can expect: --Weight Loss of 5-10 Pounds --Enhanced Physical Energy --Increased Mental Clarity and Focus --Renewed Radiance and Vitality --More peace and happiness in the comfort of your own home ~A feeling of more spaciousness in and around you Cleaning out our gut and cleaning up our diet is such an important part of happy, healthy living and an essential part of this 21 day challenge. However, in tandem with refining our food choices, I’ve found that there are other essential components to a cleanse that offers long-lasting results! ABOUT DIET/BODY In general, the diet will be a strict anti-inflammatory diet. That means NO ALCOHOL, NO REFINED SUGAR, NO GLUTEN, NO DAIRY, NO TRANS-FATS, NO PROCESSED FOODS, etc. However, the specifics of each person’s diet will be slightly customized according to your individual body type. More intensive cleanse options will be available during the last 7 days for those of us who want the "Maximus Intensivato Extraordinairre Challenge” Not to worry, everything about this process will be explained in depth on day 1, prior to the start of the cleanse. ABOUT MIND Positive Applied Psychology will be implemented to increase our happy mood hormones and have us starting our days fully energized and alive! We will methodically clear our physical and energetic space of any toxins, drains, and clutter. Clutter Clearing-Things in your space are zapping away your Abundance. Do you look around your house and see papers, things you don't love, dust, clutter? Is your mind always stressed and cluttered? Are your emails 5,000 pages long with old energy? All of this is blocking your success. Clear the clutter and make room for new abundance. ABOUT SPIRIT I will simultaneously guide you through a 21-day chakra cleansing process to clear and reboot your subtle energy system. Optional: Reiki Level 1 attunements will be offered for those who wish to exponentially accelerate the benefits of this cleanse . ********************** THE STRUCTURE - You will be fully supported from start to finish! A. Four weekly meetings (2 tele-calls & 2 in person or skype) + an optional completion celebration. B. E-mails every few days with the next level of instructions, guidance, and inspiration. C. A Cleanse Buddy - your support & accountability partner to help ensure your success. D. Private Facebook Group - our private forum for sharing stories, breakthroughs, and asking questions. I will answer any and all questions there. You will have my full support 24/7. •••••• Join me in this "no excuses zone" for 21 days, and before the Spring arrives, you will be GLOWING with beauty and vitality! •••••••• 5 meeting Dates: • wk 1- Preparation phone call (1 wk prior to start of cleanse) • wk 2- Cleanse begins either Mon. July 11th or Wed Sept 7th - (in person or skype) 7:00-9:30 • wk 3 - 1 hr tele-call on clutter clearing / fung shei • wk 4 - 1 hr check in phone call. • wk 5 - Cleanse adjourns with a clothing swap/completion ceremony. If these dates/times don't work for you, we could figure as a group the best time/date! Please read Diane Stein's Book-Essential Reiki pages 5-50 before wk 2 of the cleanse. You can check this book out from the public library.

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Shara Ogin is a Reiki master/energy healer, clairvoyant and a very experienced cleanser. After struggling with digestive issues for much of her life, she has spent 3 decades researching food, health and nutrition.
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21 day Detox Cleanse
Hosted by Shara Ogin
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