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Parkour and Freerunning training (Private or Small Group)

Austin, TX , United States

About Your Host

Matthew Lee Willis is the founder and organizer of the Texas Parkour, Parkour Federation and Owner of BAM Academy, Texas’ only Parkour 2 dedicated gym based in Austin, Texas. With over 11 years of Parkour and gymnastics experience, he has worked with all the main Parkour organizations to train and certify athletes and coaches. He has a BA in theatre. In his spare time, he acts and is an active stunt artist. With BAM Academy, Matthew has developed a coaches certification for athletes as well as training guidelines for parkour academies. Matthew has been published in every major news service in Texas as well as publications such as The New York Times and Yahoo News. As a 2nd Generation Parkour athlete he learned, trained and taught with the creators of the parkour discipline.

What we'll do

Parkour & Freerunning are non-competitive physical disciplines of training to move freely over and through any terrain by only running, jumping, climbing and crawling. In practice, it focuses on developing the fundamental attributes required for such movement, which include functional strength and fitness, balance, spatial awareness, agility, coordination, precision, control and creative vision. Matthew Willis' private training is unparalleled in the Austin area. There is no other coach who has the level of experience and understanding that he does. Learn the true fundamentals of Parkour and progress quickly as your body allows. **This class with be 1 hr and 15mins long. Please wear comfortable and loose clothing which will allow free movement. Proper footwear is also necessary**



for Parkour and Freerunning training (Private or Small Group)

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    $85 USD

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    $85 USD

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