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Nirvana Yoga - Body+Soul Nourishment

Austin, TX , United States

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Nirvana GYM believes that the four core principles: Nutrition, a Gymnasium, Yoga, and Meditation offer the best platform to not only living a longer life, but a more satisfying life. Proper Nutritional intake significantly reduces one’s chance of contracting chronic diseases, Gymnasium exercises strengthen the musculoskeletal system, Yoga improves one’s posture and flexibility, and Meditation provides the mental fortitude to heighten your self-awareness. In addition to these four core principles we’re aware of how important customer service is and we will always strive to ensure that our members are always satisfied with our staff, services, and products. We want to provide a safe haven where our members can escape the daily stressors of life each and every time they step into the Nirvana GYM facility.

What we'll do

This general yoga class consists of yoga postures aligned with the breath. Classes are designed to create harmony between the body and the mind all while helping develop strength, flexibility, balance, concentration and relaxation. Our Yoga instructors are available to offer personal assistance, helping ensure the success of members of all skill levels. A committed and systematic approach enables our members to go deeper into their Yoga practice. Our Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT) are certified by the Registered Yoga Schools (RYS) through Yoga Alliance, a national credentialing organization for the yoga community. This class is suitable for all levels of experiences.



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    $15 USD

    per person

    $15 USD

    per person