Guitar Performance Lessons

Austin, TX , United States

About Your Host

Experienced interdisciplinary artist from Tel Aviv, Israel, living in Austin, TX, via Brisbane, Australia. Free-hand and digital visual artist and musician. Vision: Teaching digital and free-hand drawing and illustration, painting on canvas and Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator. Video editing and production combine sound and image arts as well. Music: Performing guitarist have been performing a variety of musical styles with a variety of groups, and is mostly interested in musical improvisation; real-time composition of musical dialogues between people in music. Music's origine in our species has been a social and vernacular behavior of everybody in culture. That was before the performers class was introduced and promoted with technology. Then music belonged for many years to only, or mostly to the music industry (Levitine, Daniel J. PHD). Now that information travels freely in digital form, over more of which formatting the regular person has control, we can take music back down to the people. Music belongs to everybody. This class will teach you how to own it.

What we'll do

Guitar lessons for individuals and / or groups - teaching you to play well. Lessons given clear and legibly to a variety of ages and levels. Simple technique and muscle-memory exercises to turn the guitar to an extension of your body - with no delay, it's time to play. Musical theory taught in lay terms of intervals and time - own what you play quickly. Music is easy to learn and apply well on the guitar. The guitar is a fun portable instrument, and the king of Rock n'Roll. These lessons are designed to teach you how to play well quickly and immediately, so that you'll be encouraged to practice on your own and often. Practice sessions are then designed for you to fit perfectly in your schedule and advance your skill without it ever seeming like a burden on your pastime. These lessons are designed to turn you into a well playing guitarist and just happy to play. You may learn by yourself or with one or two other students like you. Either way, the main purpose of musical experiences is to be conducted together as dialogue. You'll learn to play the instrument, as well as to play with other musicians, even if only with your instructor at first.



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    $50 USD

    per person

    $50 USD

    per person