Maverick Horseback Riding - The Buffalo Ride

Lockhart, TX , United States

About Your Host

Everyone from beginners to advanced riders enjoy this unique trails-meets-lessons opportunity. Whatever your ability or age, we are happy to accommodate. Horseback riding should encompass both the fun and excitement of trail as well as stress the partnership that is supposed to exist between humans and our equine companions. Throughout our guided trails, riders will not only learn about what is required to prepare a horse, similar to a traditional lesson. We give instruction to all levels of riders from the beginner to the experienced rider.

What we'll do

Welcome! Before you sign up, here is some information for you. This is an athletic endeavor! While beginners are completely welcome, this is not a simple ride - you will be learning how to control and ride a horse. There will be physical and mental exertion involved and you must be prepared :) Almost all beginners are able to do the Buffalo Ride. Cut through the pastures and head right down to the creek. Enjoy several water crossings, a country road that boarders a large pecan grove, and some… er…. interesting critters along the way! There are oreo cows, longhorn steer, llamas, mini donkeys, and even… you guessed it… buffalo. You might even get lucky and see the peacock. Travel through a small, wooded park. Due to the nature of this activity, weight and age restrictions may apply. Please contact the host before and after if you're unsure about whether or not you would be a great candidate for the experience! In addition, please note that ability to follow instructions will be super important!



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    $105 USD

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    $105 USD

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