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Learn How to Sharpen Woodworking Tools & Put Your Tools to Its Full Potential

Austin, TX , United States

About Your Host

I am a fine furniture maker in Austin Texas. My interests are in the process part of furniture making, looking back at the past and present for new techniques and ideas. I love working with hand tools since it gives me a more intimate control over my process.

What we'll do

One of the most dangerous and frustrating things in furniture making is using dull tools. With a razor sharp tool, you can take paper thin shaving that makes a beautiful shimmery surface, or be super accurate with your cuts because you know exactly where it will cut with very little resistance. I have over 10 years of furniture making experience and I have studied under the furniture maker David Savage in England, where we learned how to master hand tools. Machines can get you 90% of the way there, but when you want something perfect, then hand tools are irreplaceable. Once you know how to work with sharp tools, then using hand tools will become a joy for years to come. I will walk through the basics of sharpening and talk through the different methods of sharpening and the pros and cons of each. Then, I will walk you through how I do all my sharpening and work through it with you until you end up with a razor sharp edge. I work at a coop woodworking shop so the classes will be held there. If you have your own tools you want to bring in, then we can tune those up and make sure that it's in working condition. Otherwise, we will have tools here to practice sharpening. If you choose to tune up your own hand tools, we can allow some time after class so you can use our sharpening equipment.



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    $90 USD

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