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WOOPS! Babka Workshop

Manhattan, NY , United States

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OUR STORY How four friends started the largest Macaron business in the U.S. At Woops! we are a team of passionate creatives that believe in perfecting our craft of creating the most delicious and diverse set of treats available today. Our journey began in 2012 in the heart of New York City with a macaron pop-up shop at the Winter Village in Bryant Park. It all happened on a whim, almost as if by mistake. We were your typical group of passionate, dream-chasing New Yorkers with busy schedules and empty pockets, looking to channel our passion into something beautiful. So with the power of friendship, hard work, and a little but of that spoonful of sugar they call hope… we somehow made it happen. In the nine weeks of that holiday season, we couldn’t keep up with the lines out the door. It was extraordinary to see the child-like curiosity of those who’ve never tried a macaron before, and the joy of those who instantly remembered those magical moments they had on their once in a lifetime trip to Paris. People were in love with the concept, design, and the budding brand. And before we knew it… Woops! We had a business! We have since opened our kiosks and BakeShops all throughout the United States. Our collection of sweets now includes a wide array of macaron flavors and over 20 carefully curated artisanal pastries. Our macarons are the most authentic experience outside of Paris and are handmade to perfection. We also make the majority of our pastries in our bakery and import only the best from around the world, including Belgium, France, and the Netherlands. And although we have expanded quite a bit since our debut, we put in extra effort to keep a close relationship with our local communities. Nothing is more satisfying or heartwarming to us than creating a space in which people can connect, relax, and enjoy the “sweeter” side of life. We invite you to join us in our celebration of authentic flavors, unique colors, and artful design. Every taste will transport you to other places, spark different memories, and reveal new adventures. Macarons make the sweetest gift f

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**Class subjected to cancellation if seats do not fill up. We will contact you 48 hours in advance in this occurrence** ABOUT THE CLASS Woops! is growing even sweeter now, offering Babka workshops with their executive Chef Arbel. Babka is a delicious classic East European yeast cake and you will learn how to perfectly bake your own. Since it takes 2 hours to rise the dough, each student will be provided with pre-risen dough for baking. However, everyone will still be able to make their own dough and bring that home as well. You will bake one sweet and one savory Babka to take home and share with your loved ones. Come join us for a fantastic time baking, sipping champagne and making new friends! ***CLASS IS AVAILABLE AT OUR 1143 2ND AVE, NEW YORK LOCATION ONLY*** ABOUT THE CHEF Chef Arbel’s profound culinary journey started back in her childhood as she was inspired by her family’s delicious food she was always surrounded by. After learning and mastering her skills in France, she moved to New York City to explore her opportunities. After numerous restaurant experiences, Arbel now works as the executive pastry chef at FoodArt bakery which is a different atmosphere but loves the freedom of being artistic and crafting new pastries.



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