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Spanish 101 - All about pronunciation

Spanish 101 Series Spanish 101 Series are a series of courses to master basic components of the Spanish language. These classes are not your typical classroom...

Spanish 101 - All about pronunciation
Berkeley, CA, United States
1 h
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4 - 100 Guest(s)

Spanish 101 Series Spanish 101 Series are a series of courses to master basic components of the Spanish language. These classes are not your typical classroom class! Each class covers a specific topic and grammar structure. What they all have in common is the communicative approach I use to encourage you to speak. You come to speak, and repeat, until it becomes part of you! *Materials provided 101 All about pronunciation Want to improve your fluency and practice linking words? This course is for you! Come and enjoy an hour of fun exercises that are designed to help you improve your pronunciation. You will leave more confident about how your Spanish sounds. What to expect: - The alphabet - Spanish vowels - Diphthongs and linking - Rolling the /r/ (Yes, you can!) - The /s/, /c/ and /z/ sounds - The /d/ and /t/ sounds - Pronunciation and articulation exercises - Tongue twisters

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I'm very much learner-oriented and use a meaningful communicative approach. I like to promote an active learning environment and a collaborative practice space. My commitment to my students is to provide them with tools to support their language skills in a way that allows them to be brave and assume responsibility for their learning. At the end of class they should leave the class feeling confident, and prepared to immerse themselves further into the language and culture of the Spanish-speaking world. I'm from Puerto Rico and am a Spanish native speaker with over 8 years of experience teaching different levels of Spanish. I have taught at Williams College, St. Mary's College, Chabot College, UC Berkeley and privately. I've developed a Spanish Series for those interested in specific grammar structures rather than a complete course. Don't pay for a full course when you are just interested in reviewing or learning something in particular. Come to the class you need! Below you will find a sample of the classes for each series: Spanish 101 Series: All about pronunciation; The Key to Conjugation; etc. Spanish 102 Series: Preterit vs. Imperfect; The Complete Guide to Accent Marks and Beyond; etc. Spanish 103 Series: The Present Subjunctive; The Present Perfect; etc. Spanish 104 Series: The Past Perfect; The Past (Imperfect) Subjunctive; etc. Spanish Focus Series: Latin American Cuisine; The Diversity of the Spanish Language, etc.
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Spanish 101 - All about pronunciation
Hosted by Jily Centeno
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