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Quick breads

Asheville, NC , United States

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Each class has a theme that corresponds w a holiday, a season or a favorite cook book. In each class we learn 3-6 dishes, depending on their complexity and the number of participants. We nibble and taste throughout the class in a very casual atmosphere. At the end of the class we have a meal together. My cooking style is simple, I do not over complicate recipes.

What we'll do

Introduction to Quickbreads: This is a beginner to intermediate level baking class focusing on quick morning bread. Students will learn basic scone making technique and will be making one of 2 varieties individually. We will also be making a blueberry crumb cake and a hazelnut biscotti. Students will leave with quickbreads and sample recipes. My focus in this class will be teaching methods so the students can then take a basic recipe and add their own flavours to it at home for their families.



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