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Hip Hop Dance Class! (6-8 years old)

Burlington, MA , United States

About Your Host

The BMDC Dance Program is designed for dancers of all ages who have the desire to learn the disciplines and enjoyment of dance. We embrace both the serious and recreational dancers, providing a quality dance education in all disciplines. Our student philosophy is to strive for one’s personal best in our fun nurturing atmosphere. Students leave our school with a creative sense of themselves. Studying dance at BMDC promotes self confidence, passion, and goal oriented success through performing.

What we'll do

Hey there! Thanks for taking a look at our page and having an interest in learning how to dance to hip hop! Hip hop is a street style dance performed to energetic music. Get ready to move your feet, because this will be quite a workout! Price is per class.



for Hip Hop Dance Class! (6-8 years old)

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