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Whole Pig Butchery Class

Boston, MA , United States

About Your Host

My cooking style is inspired by my travels. The east coast, west coast, Singapore, Thailand and various parts of Europe are just a few places that I learned from. The ingredients, techniques, and cultural understanding I obtained during these travels allow me to create meals that all can relate to. I enjoy working with ingredients that I can be proud of. The vegetables in my menus are local, coming from Siena Farms in Sudbury River valley, MA. All the proteins are just as important and come from New England only. My love for food is immeasurable, even more so I love to interact with people and share my knowledge. Food is the perfect way to bring people together, without reason. In all, Food is Life - Chef Christopher Walker

What we'll do

Whole animal butchery is an essential skill to have. Whole animal butchery gives you a better respect for the animal and it also saves you money. You will learn about the different cuts of the pig. The best cooking methods for each primal of the pig. This class will teach you how to use every part of the pig. Leaving you with the chance to challenge yourself to use every part of the pig Oh and the pig is yours to keep! This class is hosted in your home. I bring everything for the class to your home.



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