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Oxy and TIG Welding Class (6 Weeks) Mon 6-9pm

Boston, MA , United States

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Stonybrook Fine Arts offers classes and workshops in welding, metal casting, jewelry, stone carving, mold making and live figure modeling. Custom workshops are available including birthday parties, team building, wedding ring, bachelorette and interactive school tours.

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Oxy and TIG Welding - 6 weeks 1/28-3/11 This welding course comprehensively focuses on Oxy-Acetylene and TIG welding practices. This class is designed for students who have already taken a 4 hour into to TIG welding workshop at Stonybrook Fine Arts and want to focus more on TIG welding either ferrous and/or non-ferrous material. Students may also use this course to focus on Oxyacetylene welding techniques. TIG welding requires a lot of dexterity and is most often used in the manufacture of aeronautical structures as well as bike frames and roll cages. Students will learn how to weld mild steel, aluminum alloys and copper in a variety of shapes, and joints. A range of supporting equipment will be reviewed (Sandblaster, chop saw, grinders, etc.). Students will also gain more in depth knowledge of TIG welder setup (polarity, tungsten electrode application, joint prep etc) Following the Oxyacetylene and TIG demos on various types of base metal, students will use the remaining weeks to design and execute a project that is either functional and/or sculptural. As students learn more advanced welding methods in this course, the recommended prerequisites are either: Intro to Oxy Welding, Intro to TIG Welding, or a prior multi-week long welding course. Materials Provided Weld helmets, gloves, tungsten electrodes are provided. Students should wear boots or closed-toed shoes as well as a heavy-duty long-sleeved shirt, such as flannel or a heavy work shirt. Students should only wear natural fiber clothing and stay away from synthetic shirts, pants and shoes. Information for students interested in acquiring any equipment of your own will be covered in class. If you wear glasses, bring the ones you use for computing or reading, as close-up vision is important. Metal casting, stonecarving, jewelry making, mold making, and figure sculpture workshops are available. Custom workshops are available as well, including: wedding ring workshops, teen welding intensives, and more!



for Oxy and TIG Welding Class (6 Weeks) Mon 6-9pm

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    $525 USD

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    $525 USD

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