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TANGO ESCAPE - One Day (8 hrs) Tango Immersion for Beginners

Take day off to immerse yourself head to toe into Argentine Tango with this unforgettable one day experience offered by Ultimate Tango: *Start your morning wi...

TANGO ESCAPE - One Day (8 hrs) Tango Immersion for Beginners
Somerville, MA, United States
8 h
Host's Venue
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1 - 100 Guest(s)

Take day off to immerse yourself head to toe into Argentine Tango with this unforgettable one day experience offered by Ultimate Tango: *Start your morning with Café con leche and media lunas *Discover secret of Dulce de Leche *Take 3 hours Argentine Tango Intensive. Learn about: Tango walk, parallel system, cross and open step, baldoza, outside partner right and left, basics of connection, lead and follow and improvisation *Lunch with Sandwiches de Miga and Mate *Learn about Milonga customs and cabaceo *Continue your Argentine Tango Intensive for another 3 hours to get you ready to dance Learn about: basic to the cross, rebound, ocho cortado, close embrace and musicality * Finish with Fernet with Coke * Empanadas We designed the Tango Escape to let you escape from work for one day and experience best of Argentine culture plus learn Tango fundamentals all in one day. See – you will never again be called ‘Beginner’. Unless after our intensive immersion into Tango you will share our point of view – Beginner is a good thing. New beginnings are beautiful. Remember how you always dream about erasing the past and starting from zero. Our promise is that in this one day you will learn to love the Tango as we love it. We will share with you all the fundamentals necessary to understand the dance and be able to go out to start practicing with your friends.

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Welcome at Ultimate Tango. Here you will find all you need to become a true member of the Tango community. We focus on developing in you the true understanding of what Tango is. Tango is not just a dance. It’s a philosophy, a way of comprehending the world, building relationships, understanding yourself. During Argentine Tango Classes, we teach you the tango alphabet and how to create words and sentences from it. You will learn basic rules, steps and combinations. You’ll learn about music, connection, lead and follow, types of tangos and more. From there you can launch onto your own journey to discover what Tango means for you. We don’t want to limit you with multitude of steps and clutter your mind with combinations you can never remember. Our goal is to give you the true understanding of Argentine Tango structure and music, mechanics of the movement, technique and cadence. From there you can start improvising on you own. Find your own style. We offer carefully structured courses at 4 different levels – beginner, intermediate, pre-advanced and advanced in Boston, MA. We also offer workshops to address more specialized topics. Private lessons are available for those who wish to progress at their own pace. ​DON'T REPEAT MINDLESSLY. LEARN THROUGH UNDERSTANDING.
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TANGO ESCAPE - One Day (8 hrs) Tango Immersion for Beginners
Hosted by Ultimate Tango .
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