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Brooklyn, NY , United States

About Your Host

Hello there! My name is Thomas Stokes. I am a fitness enthusiast who as been active in a number of sports, martial arts and dance related activities since I was a child. The only thing I love more than exercising is teaching people new exercise routines and techniques. And I love making it fun for everyone, no matter your level of fitness. I am also an avid photographer. I love the visual image and have a passion for finding beauty in everyone and everything. I enjoy capturing movement whether it's modeling, sports, dance or any other movement art. Also, I love the artistic process; I believe leaving yourself vulnerable enough to express your soul through any medium is a necessity for growth. Let's have some fun!

What we'll do

Enjoy a fun and exciting fitness session! Appropriate for all fitness levels, this session combines cardio and strength exercises that are influenced by sports, yoga, martial arts and dance. This session will get your body moving and the fat burning. Run, jump, dance, punch and kick your way into better shape now!



for Personal or Group Fitness Session

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    $25 USD

    per person

    $25 USD

    per person