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Acrobatics / Partner Body Weight Training

Burbank, CA , United States

About Your Host

Master Kyle grew up in Boulder, Colorado, always enjoying outdoor activities. He moved to LA to work in Post Production but has parted ways with that profession to have time to practice and teach Pa Kua while raising a family. Pa Kua has allowed him to be happy and patient, and to have clarity when making tough choices. It provides a way to keep on growing up even though he is an adult already. He is always excited to share that knowledge with the world!

What we'll do

This price is for 1 group classes. Acrobatics is the study of our body. Learn how to do basic handstands, cartwheels, & bridges for balance and flexibility as well as body weight and slow motion movements to build muscle. We will work alone for balance, strength, and flexibility and with a partner or partners to build human pyramids, stand on one another shoulders, and lift each other in the air. For every age and ability. No experience required!



for Acrobatics / Partner Body Weight Training

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    $25 USD

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