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Chicago, IL , United States

About Your Host

We are dedicated to teaching the art of hand-making shoes and leather goods to promote self-sufficiency and sustainability. Our goal is to empower all people to enjoy a satisfying and liberating experience around creating footwear and leather work. "Buy a pair of shoes and you cover your feet for a year or two. Learn how to make shoes and you can shoe yourself, family and friends for a lifetime." :)) We use non-toxic glue while assembling the shoe uppers and shoemaking cement to attach the outer sole. We have an exhaust hood to limit exposure to any chemicals.

What we'll do

Discover and learn the art of patternmaking for custom made shoes. THIS CLASS HAS A PREREQUISITE OF "BEGINNING SHOEMAKING". We believe that successful patternmaking skills are vital to any shoemaking project. Create patterns for new styles and design shoes on paper, creating patterns for your designs that will fit you and others you know. Understanding the structure of a shoe and the variety of details that can be modified are the goals. Sizing for all shapes and sizes of feet included. Class focus is on patternmaking. No actual shoes will be made during class. Includes all materials and use of tools on site.



for Pattern Making/Shoes

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