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Breaking the ICE Series Level 1 (8 Classes)

In this eight-week series, students will learn and practice the core foundations of pole dancing while being introduced to movements that will help you to open...

Breaking the ICE Series Level 1 (8 Classes)
Chicago, IL, United States
12 h
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1 - 100 Guest(s)
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In this eight-week series, students will learn and practice the core foundations of pole dancing while being introduced to movements that will help you to open up and trust your body. This 1.5-hour class begins with a stretch and strength focused warm-up that will work your core and condition your body. Each week the warm-up will vary to ensure you are challenged and seeing results. After the warm-up, you will spend a portion of class learning foundation pole tricks, such as the Fireman, Ballet Spin, and Reverse Leg Hook, in addition to exploring basic climbs and inversions. Each week you will learn new pole tricks which you will practice and build on week to week as the series progresses. This will allow you to master the basics before moving on to other pole classes. After the warm-up and pole tricks, you will take everything you’ve learned and work it into a progressive choreographed routine that brings the movement and pole tricks together. SCHEDULE Class 1 - 7/14 Class 2 - 7/21 Class 3 - 7/28 Class 4 - 8/4 Class 5 - 8/11 Class 6 - 8/18 Class 7 - 8/25 Class 8 - 9/1 All classes run from 7-8:30pm. All students must register in advance, and cannot start in the middle of a series.

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Welcome to Chicago Academy of Pole & Dance, a one of a kind pole fitness studio. Whether you are curious about pole dancing but have been afraid to try it or you are a seasoned pole dance veteran, Chicago Academy of Pole & Dance is for you. Our flexible and multifaceted curriculum guarantees our students an unparalleled experience. At Chicago Academy of Pole & Dance we implement the ICE method (Italia Cordaro Experience). Named for our founder, the ICE method is an extensive, time-proven method that incorporates a lifetime of study and professional experience for an all-encompassing approach to the pole dance workout that will have you seeing results. You will build STRENGTH, boost your SELF-CONFIDENCE and explore a new side of your SENSUALITY. We offer classes in movement, choreography/dance, pole work, cardio-strength, and combinations for the beginner, intermediate and advanced student to ensure that you are working at the level you are comfortable with and receiving the individual attention you deserve. For the beginner, Chicago Academy of Pole & Dance is a safe, judgment-free space to explore, play and transform your body in a way you may have never thought possible. Pole fitness combines Pilates, yoga, dance, stretch and strength exercises, and pole tricks for a fun and fierce total-body workout.
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Breaking the ICE Series Level 1 (8 Classes)
Hosted by Italia Cordaro
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