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Techno Yoga: Flow, Glow, Let Go

Chicago, IL , United States

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Rooted is a first-of-its-kind concept for emotional self-care that offers experiential sessions and workshops using various creative activities and art forms (art, music, dance/movement, acting/improvisation, speaking, and writing) to allow adults to connect to themselves and others in a non-judgment, free-to-be-yourself environment. The intention of Rooted is not to produce pieces of art, music, or writing or to learn any techniques so no experience or expertise is required. Rather, it’s to experience oneself being free and being surrounded by others doing the same. What Drives Us At Rooted, we believe that the deepest purpose of life is to have genuine connection. This connection depends on how real we are in it. Being real takes the trust and courage to discover and accept ourselves without attachment to who we ‘should be’ or who we think people want us to be. So, our mission is simple: we want to provide a safe and judgment-free place where people can freely access and express themselves in a way that deepens their connection to themselves and others.

What we'll do

Not your typical yoga class! Rather than perfecting poses, Rooted Center takes yoga out of its comfort zone and brings letting go to a new level. In this fresh approach, yoga and electronic dance music are fused for the purpose of radical self-expression. Flow, glow & let go under the dim hue of black lights as you allow the hard hitting beats to invade your soul and transform yoga into free-form movement. Glow sticks add a fun vibe to this judgment-free zone. Bring your own mats if you have them, but if not, we will have extra on hand. ALL yoga levels welcome - first-timers to advanced. The event is open to all adults 18+. *****IMPORTANT: Doors close promptly at 7pm. Those arriving after 7pm will not be allowed in. Please plan to arrive at least 10-15 minutes early to avoid unforeseen delays. There are NO REFUNDS or TRANSFERS without at least 48 hour notice.*****



for Techno Yoga: Flow, Glow, Let Go

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    $25 USD

    per person


    $25 USD

    per person