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Beginner Merengue Dance | BYOB

Chicago, IL , United States

About Your Host

Hi, I'm Szewai (C-Y) and I'm the founder of Duet Dance Studio, a boutique studio in Chicago. There are two things I love - ballroom dancing and people. The instructors at Duet are all passionate about dance and eager to share the joy of ballroom dance with everyone. And we love meeting new people! Have “two-left-feet?” No worries! My team and I have ample experience working with both beginners and seasoned dancers so you will be in good hands! Both single dancers and couples are welcome. We host BYOB beginner-level ballroom classes every Friday night. Themed dance parties, such as Ugly Sweater Party, Valentine's Dirty Dancing Party and Thriller Dance Party are also organized monthly. Interested in having a private group dance party? Let me know!

What we'll do

BYOB Merengue Dance in Chicago. Singles, Couples and Anyone with TWO LEFT FEET are welcome to this Beginner Merengue Dance Class! You don't need a partner as we will rotate partners in class. In a fun and casual setting, you will learn: - Basic Merengue Steps - Easy and Fancy Turns - Basic Leading and Following Skills What's more? It's BYOB. You are welcome to bring your favorite wine/beer to help you loosen up. And it's a great way to meet new people or spend time with your friends! *Alcohol consumption is permitted only for adults over 21. Please have an ID available.



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