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“ICE”OGRAPHY I – POLE (Pole Dance Choreography)

Chicago, IL , United States

About Your Host

Welcome to Chicago Academy of Pole & Dance, a one of a kind pole fitness studio. Whether you are curious about pole dancing but have been afraid to try it or you are a seasoned pole dance veteran, Chicago Academy of Pole & Dance is for you. Our flexible and multifaceted curriculum guarantees our students an unparalleled experience. At Chicago Academy of Pole & Dance we implement the ICE method (Italia Cordaro Experience). Named for our founder, the ICE method is an extensive, time-proven method that incorporates a lifetime of study and professional experience for an all-encompassing approach to the pole dance workout that will have you seeing results. You will build STRENGTH, boost your SELF-CONFIDENCE and explore a new side of your SENSUALITY. We offer classes in movement, choreography/dance, pole work, cardio-strength, and combinations for the beginner, intermediate and advanced student to ensure that you are working at the level you are comfortable with and receiving the individual attention you deserve. For the beginner, Chicago Academy of Pole & Dance is a safe, judgment-free space to explore, play and transform your body in a way you may have never thought possible. Pole fitness combines Pilates, yoga, dance, stretch and strength exercises, and pole tricks for a fun and fierce total-body workout.

What we'll do

Bring your dancing shoes and join us in ICE-ography I, a 1 hour class where you will be guided through a choreographed dance and pole routine. Each week you will build on a dance routine using basic movements that are influenced from various dance/movement practices, including ballet, pole, Latin, modern, etc…. Each month the routines will change so that students will continue to learn new movement. More than just a dance class, ICE-ography I is designed to help you discover a larger range of body movement and to begin to understand emotionality and musicality in dance; both receptively and creatively. You will also learn to identify beat and tempo and how to use all of these skills in creating choreographed dance. So whether you are participating just for fun or because you are interested in competing or performing in the future, ICE-ography will help you understand the basics. Shoes are strongly recommended for this class.



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    $25 USD

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    $25 USD

    per person