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Chicago, IL , United States

About Your Host

My name is Kandy Christensen and I am a creator, maker, dreamer, photographer, traveler and Certified Interior Decorator. In a world filled with too much information, clutter, and consumption you want your home to be a haven; I can help you create a serene welcoming environment. Living in Chicago I've been lucky to have the richest architecture in the city to drive my inspiration. There are so many styles and eras to draw from. My goal is to help you find your style and for your home be a manifestation of who you are. As a child I was constantly rearranging rooms and day-dreaming about color and pattern. Items with history appeal to me and I've had a life-long obsession for salvaging materials and reusing them. While designing is my passion I also love to travel. I like to meet new people and learn about their culture. Those travels spark ideas for new color or patterns that I use in the spaces I design. I shoot old school film on a vintage Ilford camera that I bought on Portobello road in London. Friends often take pictures of me taking pictures. My design philosophy is strongly driven by the need to incorporate sustainable, thoughtfully made, local and handmade products into the home.. I avidly support local artists, artisans, makers and the maker movement. I firmly believe that it is possible to incorporate sustainable practices in design without sacrificing style and while staying on budget.

What we'll do

Finding and Implementing Your Interior Design Style Not sure if you are Bohemian, Traditional, Modern, Kitschy or a combination of all of the above? Feeling a bit like your house isn't really a home? Well, this class will teach you how to find your personal style. We'll review different styles in class (including blended styles) and have takeaway exercises to help you hone your style. Then we'll cover guidelines for styling, using photos of your space, including how to hang art, what size rug to get, best lighting practices, collecting and displaying curios and furniture placement. You'll walk away with ideas, guidelines and a some great resources for shopping in the city. If you want to DIY, well, we can help you with that too! The second part of class gives you the opportunity to show photos of your home, ask questions and get design guidance. It's a great opportunity to learn from your fellow students design challenges and you'll get specific tips and tricks on how to design your home. This class will give you the skills and inspiration to make your house feel like a home. Meandering Design is located in Lincoln Square on the 5300 block of Damen Avenue, which is just North of Foster Avenue. There is plenty of parking and it is 3/4 of a mile form the Damen Brown line. The full address will be sent upon registration. Feel free to bring something to drink.



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    $30 USD

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