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Seeds Center, NFP is 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit rethinking learning for a better world. Examples of current - barrier eliminating - Seeds Center initiatives include: INTEGRATED, not segregated, age groups in learning POSSIBILITIES-focused programming we call Learn Anything PROMOTION of the INCLUSION for ALL languages even if we teach in English DIVERSE DISCIPLINES readily available that promote a holistic and autonomous lifestyle FREE ACCESS to programs made possible through individual donors like you The vision for Seeds Center, NFP is to reach a fluid, inclusive, multi-disciplinary learning hub that welcomes all, and for this to be commonplace and normal. This vision is centered on the goal to be a thriving, more harmonious society: empowered by our new experiences, joined with one another, and nourished in our lives.

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Please keep this in mind when booking: Classes booked within less than 48 hours may have to be rescheduled due to space constraints upon rare occasion. The Art of Chinese Health Series, which includes this class, will be ending Nov 2nd, 2019 and starting up again 6 to 12 months later in 2020. Students who might not be English confident, feel free to bring 1 bilingual friend for free BUT YOU MUST MESSAGE US so we know to have enough space and supplies - Thank you! THE CLASS: Your instructor, Dong Chen, certified in Chinese Herbology from Shanghai, China (her birth place and home town), will be leading a fun, interactive, and education filled class based on her personal experiences of navigating her health and that of her family. This class like her Qigong exercise class () will also teach the philosophy behind how Qi, the vital energy of life, works and why it is not about treating particular symptoms but about balancing the whole person in Chinese thinking. Students will be making their own teas as well as engaging in stimulating conversations guided by Dong. Accompanying, your teas class, will also be a mini-lesson on pressure points and how simply pressing on certain areas can help with common ailments. Your class will be conveniently located close to the Berwyn Red Line and many buses. Street parking is available usually west of Broadway. 100% of any tips made to your instructor go straight to him/her and are completely optional. And, if you buy any Seeds Center Sampler package, and the price is discounted for your one-time classes! Simply purchase one of the gift certificate options found here: to have access to the sampler discount. Samplers are redeemed at the website and you will be emailed instructions on how to redeem. We do not provide refunds, but we do work to tailor our classes to our students' schedules. For more information on our policies, visit: By purchasing an experience, you are agreeing that you have read our terms and conditions.



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