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How to Craft an Engaging Story

We all know "that Someone"--whether he or she is an inspiring teacher, a thrill-seeking friend, an infectious grandparent, or even an affable barista-- "that S...

How to Craft an Engaging Story
San Francisco, CA, United States
2 h
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1 - 100 Guest(s)

We all know "that Someone"--whether he or she is an inspiring teacher, a thrill-seeking friend, an infectious grandparent, or even an affable barista-- "that Someone" who absolutely and irresistibly seizes our attention. More often than not, it's usually because they are amazing storytellers who have a knack for transporting us into their world. They are those who entertain, amaze, shock, enthrall and inspire the essence of our imaginations. You can be "that Someone" too! Take this 90 minute course to learn the priceless skill of storytelling. You will be introduced to the key ingredients in effective and engaging storytelling. You'll learn the importance of pace, articulation, detail, improvisation, perspective and more. We'll also discuss the relevance of fact and fiction in the stories you tell. By the end of 90 minutes, participants will have learned techniques to become captivating storytellers! This course is perfect for people: - who want to improve their public speaking skills - who want to increase their confidence in social settings - who are looking to have fun and get creative - who have trouble articulating their thoughts - who love the art of storytelling - who want to become a more engaging speaker This will be a contextual learning experience; participants can expect to do a bit of a walking around the city in order to learn improv techniques and how to incorporate setting into their stories. In the event of rain or extreme weather, a similar experience will be created at an indoor location. Note: To be clear, this is a course in VERBAL storytelling. NOT written or visual storytelling, though I can offer insight on those topics if asked.

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I've always been a fan of good storytelling. The art itself has given me so much, whether it is through music, film, or good old fashion campfire stories. Storytelling to me is like having a real-life time machine or teleporter that can transport me anywhere I'd like to go. Throughout my own journey, I've learned from some amazing storytellers and am here to pass on what I feel is an incredible gift. Apart from storytelling, I can be found adventuring, traveling and on any given Sunday, at the charming cafe down the road.
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How to Craft an Engaging Story
Hosted by Milan Rey
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