Beginner and Intermediate Digital Photography

Dallas, TX , United States

About Your Host

Photo Sensei offers photography workshops for the photography and art enthusiast. Our unique photo classes allow students to explore their artistic side while learning basic photography techniques and the art of composing a good photography. Learn how to use your camera and start taking great photos on purpose! Master the aperture, ISO, lens choices, Lighting, fine photography, and so much more!

What we'll do

Learn to use your camera on manual. In this class, you will learn the basics of photography including - Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO. We will talk about how these things impact your images and why you want to be able to control them and not leave your camera on automatic. What are all these buttons about? Learn the automatic settings on your camera and how to get the best output quality of your photographs. In this course we will cover - Camera raw and high dynamic range. Filters, image resolution and sizing for the web and printing. ‚Äč This is a 2 day workshop: First 2 hours of class we will go over photography techniques while the remainder of the class will be spent using hands-on practice in the field.



for Beginner and Intermediate Digital Photography

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    $150 USD

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    $150 USD

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