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Technical Guide to Fine Art Photography

Dallas, TX , United States

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Gilbert “Gib” Martinez has been shooting at a professional editorial and advertising level for two decades. To date, he has added Fortune 500 companies to his resume as well as traveled the US and abroad on assignments which has now led to worldwide publications. Gib is also the self-published author of the how-to book “Digital Photography in One day” now available on Amazon. This book was designed for the novice photographer and can be read in one sitting.

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The first step in Fine Art Photography is your technical ability and knowledge, you must know how to operate your camera with “Manual controls”. Tripods are not mandatory but welcomed. During this course you will learn to: - Bracket exposures & get a series of exposures dark to light. - To get a correct exposure with any shutter speed so you can handhold in low light - Manual focus so you can freeze water in mid air which is almost impossible for any auto focus cameras. - Use natural light indoors, bounce fills and enhance natural light with tungsten lights or artificial lights. - Touch on portraits and some photo styling (time permitting) - Bring pen and paper for questions and notes There is “Required Reading” at this link BEFORE class to save time: Click HERE to purchase (Digital Photography in One Day) (The class rates have been adjusted to allow for this additional expense and my pen name is “G Alaniz”.) When I was still photo assisting some of the best food, fashion and advertising Photographers in Dallas (therefore the nation), I was amazed to hear most photographers were never artists before photography like I was. Yet they trained their eye to see light, compositions and for photo styling. This brings me to your final pre-class preparation below A Photo stylist once said to me “Creativity must flow in before creativity can flow out.” I strongly recommend research at the site below …believe me it will inspire you, encourage your compositions and make you realize fine art is all around you in everyday life, you don’t need to travel the world. - Type in “Americana or industrial” two of my favorites … or search “Texas, Dallas, Sports, Cars or flowers” Bring images that inspire you on a laptop or iPad for discussion if you like. - …By researching you will see your world in a totally “new light” I can not teach you composition or photo styling in one lesson but I can get you to take technical errors out of the equation and get you evaluating your own work. And always remember creativity increases with age …your best work is always ahead of you! Gib Martinez…



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