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Bollywood Zumba! A Workout with a Bollywood Twist!

Silver Spring, MD , United States

About Your Host

Nina Kottakuzhiyil, Artistic Director Nina Kottakuzhiyil was born in Maryland and started training in Indian Classical Dance (Bharatanatyam) at the age of 4. In high school, she started choreographing Bollywood and folk dances on her own and continued choreographing and teaching dances for local Indian community programs. Though she wanted to continue training, she put it on hold to attend St. Johns University Queens, NY to pursue a Doctorate in Pharmacy. Nina still continued her passion for dance at St. Johns University by joining the All Female South Asian Fusion Dance Team - St. Johns Raaz. She choreographed different dance styles including Bollywood, Semi classical, Modern and Hip-hop, while competing and performing all over the east coast. She graduated in May 2012 and moved back home to Silver Spring, MD and currently works as a Pharmacist. NinaKshi Dance Studio is a Professional Bollywood Fusion Dance School targeting the DC, Maryland and Virginia Area. It encompasses the energy and creativity of its director and is one of a kind. It is open to boys, girls, men and women of all ages! Using original and dynamic choreography, NinaKshi Dance Studio embraces different dance styles such as Bollywood, semi-classical, hip hop, contemporary, modern and more, leaving its audience entertained and filled with awe! Some people were born to dance, but here, we believe everyone can be a dancer! Let us show you how to turn this into a talent and be fit at the same time! Through fun, popular, energetic music and routines, we promote a healthy lifestyle for all ages!

What we'll do

The Experience Bollywood Zumba Why do it? "Exercise in disguise!" The music doesn't stop! Join our 45 mins Zumba class for an energetic workout! Don't know the steps? It's okay – we'll teach you! With the music blasting, you won't even feel like its exercise! Kick off your work week on Sunday afternoon by joining the party! A fun and energetic workout to popular Bollywood Music! Have a song you really love? Let us know! You'll be a dancer in no time! And please.... Bring a friend for a fun activity to do together!



for Bollywood Zumba! A Workout with a Bollywood Twist!

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    $10 USD

    per person

    $10 USD

    per person