Learn drive your own boat - Private lessons

Denver, CO , United States

About Your Host

I have been around boats for more than thirty years. I competed in the 80s and know how to teach one and two skiing on water skis. I can also teach you the proper way to land a boat at a dock, put a boat into the water and be a great teacher for the beginner boater.

What we'll do

Are you a new boat owner and and to learn how to use it? David got you covered! Learn the basics of boating: docking, backing, operating it safely, and of course, having a great time at the water. David has been teaching water boating for more than twenty years, including a job at Club Med before. He is an avid fan of water sports and love to teach others the tips and tricks to become a master in the waters. David charges per boat, $35/hour with a minimum of 2 hours/lesson (total $70/boat for a session of 2 hours). He can teach 1-on-1, or he could also accommodate a group of up to 6 people. The charges are per boat, not person. Meaning you could invite up to 5 persons to come join your lesson with no extra charges. The training would take place either at Cherry Creek, Sloans Lake or Chatfield Lake. Note: you must have your own boat for the lesson.



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