Basic Pistol/CCW Classes

Bennett, CO , United States

About Your Host

Hello, my name is Chris Gesualdo and I am the owner and instructor with FST. I am an NRA certified instructor with 15 years of teaching and 30 years shooting experience. I started my teaching career as an airplane flight instructor and spent many years teaching students and pilots of all skill levels. During this time I developed the relaxed teaching style and the effective techniques that help the student learn and retain the habits that must be second nature to be safe. As a shooting instructor I use these same habits to teach the proper shooting techniques.

What we'll do

The class is held at a private shooting range just east of Aurora. There are heated and air conditioned facilities on site and no extra charge for range or park fees. The first hour will cover laws and decision making pertaining to concealed carry. This is plenty of time to cover the course material and you will leave with a good understanding. I don't want to waste your valuable time with anecdotes. Hands on experience handling the gun safely and effectively is more important. Basic function and safety. This includes the names and purpose of the components of pistols and ammunition as well as basic rules of safety. Pistols are pretty simple machines and firearm safety comes with hands on experience more than lecture. Basics of sight shooting. This is also called "slow fire" and involves carefully aligning the sights with the target, and slowly applying pressure to the trigger so you get the most accurate shot possible. This is the most effective way of teaching the basics of grip, stance, sight alignment and trigger control. We shoot steel targets at 25 yards. The remainder of the class will concentrate on point shooting using the front sight. This is a much more useful type of training being much faster and almost as accurate as sight shooting. This is also done with steel targets against a dirt embankment which is much more effective than paper targets for getting instant feedback. Soon you will be shooting quickly and accurately while the constant manipulation of the gun will help develop the habits necessary for safe carrying and effective use of the pistol or revolver. At the end of the class I will present you with your training certificate which you will need to present to your local sheriff to obtain your CCW permit. I can provide pistols in either 22lr or 9mm for free but if I provide the ammo there is an additional $40 cash or check per 100 rounds the day of the class. I don't have the ability to take credit cards at the range. Class is offered every Saturday or I can do a private group on your time and at your pace. Same price for groups of four or more.



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