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Bennett, CO , United States

About Your Host

Hello, my name is Chris Gesualdo and I am the owner and instructor with FST. I am an NRA certified instructor with 15 years of teaching and 30 years shooting experience. I started my teaching career as an airplane flight instructor and spent many years teaching students and pilots of all skill levels. During this time I developed the relaxed teaching style and the effective techniques that help the student learn and retain the habits that must be second nature to be safe. As a shooting instructor I use these same habits to teach the proper shooting techniques.

What we'll do

Understand the basics of ballistics, range estimation, wind correction and other factors involved in long range precision shooting for hunting or dedicated Long Range platforms. Sight in and set up your rifle at 100 to 300 yards then step back and shoot steel or clay targets at 300 to 500 yards. The Class starts with discussion of: -Range estimation and ballistics -Wind estimation and correction -Altitude, temperature and humidity correction -Shooting up hill or down -Coriolis and spin drift Shooting begins with sight in at 100 to 500 yards. We can get this done quickly and with just a few rounds fired. I have the levels and torque driver necessary to troubleshoot and correctly mount your scope if needed. Then we will step back and shoot steel targets at ranges up to 500 yards using the ballistics charts I will print out for your rifle and ammo. Spotting scope, bench, targets, sniper saddle tripod, and chronograph are included. You spent good money on your precision rifle, have a good day shooting it, testing loads and ensuring you are not the weak link in your system. Taking your hunting rifle to a 100 yard range isn't ideal practice for shooting in the field. A little work here and the ability to test some different types of ammunition can greatly help your chances in the field and help you decide at what range you feel you can make a responsible shot. I also have the tools and knowledge necessary to troubleshoot and correctly mount your scope.



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    $80 USD

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