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Photography For Beginners

Denver, CO , United States

About Your Host

I am an artist. I paint, sculpt, I'm a photographer, I work with textiles, I am also a baker, I make candy, and I am a florist. I love plants, and people which shows from my artwork.

What we'll do

What to expect: I will first give an introduction to the class, then we will all go around and shoot photos to which you will send to me later after you've picked your favorites and, if you want, edited them. I will then "grade" you, and this will determine the curriculum of the following class. What you will need: -Digital Camera, preferably DSLR (you may also bring film to use secondary. I would love to see how they turn out at the end.) -Anything you can take notes with Look forward to meeting everyone! -Heidi



for Photography For Beginners

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