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DIY Wooden Holiday Ornaments Workshop

Manhattan, NY , United States

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If you’re in the mood for DIY, looking to take up a new hobby, or just want an excuse to get out of your apartment and do something fun and stress-free, CraftJam is the place for you! Here at CraftJam, we have literally made it our business to provide real-world workshops where anyone can make and create cool DIY projects in an upbeat and social setting. We know first-hand how therapeutic jewelry making can be after a long work day, and how friendships blossom over yarn, wine and conversation. Not sure you’re the creative type? Don’t worry about it! Whether you join us on your own or bring a plus-one (or five), we invite people of all skill-levels to come create with us! This is a great opportunity to give your brain a break from city life and let your imagination run wild!

What we'll do

Holidays are definitely way more fun with some self-made DIY swag. Get ready for the season and come to our Holiday spirited CraftJam, to make custom wooden ornaments to decorate you home. Natural wood is a beautiful canvas for your designs, and we will teach easy techniques to decorate these lovely little hangings. Designs range from classic holiday sayings, to snowflakes, to remembering those special moments like weddings and newborn babies! Wooden ornaments can be used as decoration for any holiday celebration: they can be hung on a tree, on the wall, or from the ceiling. Absolutely no experience is necessary. In under two hours, a certified JamMaster will teach you everything you need to know, including: Holiday Ornaments How to do simple lettering for short phrases, How to use stencils, Which pens/paints to use to, Fastening your ornaments so you can hang them. We have all the tools you need, including a set of 5 wooden ornaments, an assortment of string/twine, paint pens and paints. BYOB and BYB (Bring Your Buddies)! Crafting is paired best with good company and your favorite drink of choice.



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