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Low 'N Slow: Meats, Sauces and Whiskey

Seattle, WA , United States

About Your Host

Explore Seattle from the culinary perspective of a chef! Eat Seattle offers chef-guided food tours of Pike Place Market and cooking classes; highlighting Seattle through food. Learn where local chefs shop, taste seasonal Northwest food, discover where it comes from, uncover Seattle's story, gain a few cooking tips and, above all, have a blast. We design a premium experience combining flavor, food education and fun.

What we'll do

This class is focused on best tips for preparing, cutting and cooking meat, creating flavorful sauces and pairing with local whiskey. Chef Eric competes in BBQ and not only shares useful information that can be applied at home but he runs an entertaining class. This experience starts out with a short tour of Pike Place where we will be picking up a few of our local ingredients before cooking. The group culminates in the Pike Place Market Atrium Kitchen to cook and eat a 3-course meal together. Local Whiskey from Westland Distillery. Menu: Alderwood smoked king salmon from Pure Food Fish and Beecher's cheese & crackers as a snack. Starter course of white wine & Uli's sausage steamed mussels, followed by the main course of slow roasted pulled pork with cranberry barbecue sauce and smashed potatoes. Dessert to be honey crisp apple beignets.



for Low 'N Slow: Meats, Sauces and Whiskey

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    Eat Seattle

    $115 USD

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    $115 USD

    per person