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Cotati, CA , United States

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Fiber Circle Studio, located in Sonoma County, CA, focuses on offering fiber related workshops, and equipment in the areas of weaving, spinning, fiber processing, sewing, dyeing, knitting, crocheting and felting. Our goal is to provide all levels of fiber artists, from new to expert, with all the resources, tools, knowledge and equipment to explore ones creative journey in a place of community, support and inspiration.

What we'll do

Do you have things you've made over the years that for whatever reason, have just sat unworn? Gather things you've made, that you never wore and are ready to pass along to a new home! The Handmade Closet Sale is a 3 Day "Pop-Up" in the studio where you can sell or buy, hand made and hand chosen items. October 18 - 20; 10am - 5pm How to Sell: 1) Collect any items that meet the following criteria: Hand sewn, knitted, crocheted or woven items are what we're looking for! All natural fibers (some blends with nylon is okay) Completely finished (no halfway done or loose ends) Un-worn / lightly worn 2) Contact Alisha to arrange a time to look at and choose items. We are looking for quality, trending items. Chosen items are at Alisha's discretion. 3) Chosen items that sell will be given 60% of the selling price. The selling price is determined jointly by seller and Alisha. 4) Any items not sold will be given back to the maker - the studio will not be handling unsold items. How to Shop: Come by during studio hours to shop! No RSVP or tickets necessary!



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