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Healing Herbal Oils & Ointments

Topanga, CA , United States

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Wild Mesa is a space for cultural revolution in the Topanga Canyon chaparral bordering Los Angeles. Host to maker and wellness workshops that foster community building and sustainable fulfillment. In a time of ready-made conveniences and never ending "stuff," Wild Mesa attempts to create instead of consume using thoughtful processes. Our maker workshops reset our brains from the instant gratification of pressing the checkout button to a deeper engagement of tracing a physical thing back to its beginning and connection to nature, experimenting along the way. Other events may introduce a skill that is new to you, develop an existing skill to another level, reconnect you with the natural world, or heal you with plants right outside the door. Rather than a bombardment of distractions, our events are a moment to be fully present, to check out to check back in so that you leave rejuvenated and grounded.

What we'll do

Join us and Herbalist Rachel Fae for an afternoon learning the ancient art of phytomedicine. Plants have been used for medicinal purposes long before recorded history. Mix up your own simple tinctures and plant-based elixirs for health and wellness. This is a step further into phytomedicine than the Intro to Plant-Based Medicine workshop to deepen and focus your knowledge. Learn how to infuse medicinal plants in various kinds of oils by stove top and solar method to be applied to the skin. With these oils we can then transform them into a solid ointment called a "salve" using beeswax and other simple ingredients. You'll go home with a collection of your own medicinal creations and remedies for topical application and healing. Salves are a great way to directly heal the skin of various abrasions and sensitivities. Please bring $20 to class in cash or check for the materials fee.



for Healing Herbal Oils & Ointments

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    $90 USD

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