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Holiday Knitting - Gifts YOU can Knit - Knitting Basics: Novice to Knitter in No Time!

San Mateo, CA , United States

About Your Host

I’m Gabrielle and I’m a knitter, painter, writer, rug hooker, designer, quilter, teacher and artist. Creating is my passion. I learned to knit as a young child from my Scottish grandmother and have been an avid knitter since then. Nothing is beyond your reach, knit-wise, with a good set of skills and just two simple stitches. A knit designer since 2005, my patterns have been published in books by Lion Brand Yarn and the Knitgrrrl series. I also knit on consignment and create unique patterns for clients, family and friends. With a supportive and gentle teaching style, I’ve taught countless number of people - young and old - to knit successfully. I love spreading the joy of knitting to folks - seeing their eyes light up when they ‘get it’ is amazing. I look forward to sharing the joy of knitting with you!

What we'll do

A thoughtful gift that you've made, that someone can actually USE, is the best kind of gift, wouldn't you say? Join us for this holiday knitting class to learn how! - Would you LOVE to be able to make your gifts for the holidays this year? - Do you admire a friend or colleagues ability to knit up scarves, hats, and other creations with yarn? - Have you always wanted to learn to knit? - Do you need a meditative, stress relieving hobby? If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, this is the class for YOU. At it's simplest, knitting is the manipulation of yarn, in the form of stitches, to create a textile or fabric. Once you learn just 2 (YES, only 2) stitches, the knitting world will open up to a wealth of possibilities! In this 2 hour class, you'll learn the basics of knitting: casting on, knit stitch, purl stitch, and casting off. We'll also cover pattern basics, choosing yarn, and finding your ideal knitting style (e.g. Continental vs. English - don't worry, we'll cover it in class!). IN THIS SPECIAL CLASS: We'll focus on items you can knit just in time for the holidays - scarves, washcloths, coasters, hats, and other accessories! I'll provide you with a variety of patterns to choose from so you can MAKE something for your gift recipients this year. The class price includes: - 2 hours of instruction in a comfortable, laid back environment - water, coffee/tea, light snacks - a set of knitting needles for you to take home - enough yarn for a scarf for you to take home - printed patterns to keep - printed instructions to keep - focused attention from ME while you learn - email support after the class for additional questions I look forward to passing on my love of knitting with you! Gabrielle



for Holiday Knitting - Gifts YOU can Knit - Knitting Basics: Novice to Knitter in No Time!

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    $55 USD

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    $55 USD

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