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How to Start a Clothing Line

West Hollywood, CA , United States

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Being a fashion brand executive of many years in both the startup and well established phase, I have gained knowledge in sourcing (communicating and costing), margin building, the hiring and vetting of reps that can change a brands revenue, the ins and outs of selling retail-What it costs, the risks and rewards, building relationships with buyers, selling wholesale, building fashion calendars, budgeting, and marketing. And many other things I can show you. Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

What we'll do

I have worked in the fashion industry for 20 + years where I owned retail stores, founded and cofounded brands, and held both executive and management positions in marketing, sales, creative direction and sourcing. I am currently in a executive position now. This class covers the basics of starting a clothing line in the men's, women's, and children's markets and includes: 1. Creating a Plan 2. The Creative Process 3. Business Set up 4. Choosing a target market 5. Pricing your products 6. Sourcing your products 7. Promoting Your line in 2018 8. Selling online 9. Selling in retail stores 10. Bringing it all together



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