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Ikebana - Japanese Art of Flower Arranging

Chicago, IL , United States

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JASC (Japanese American Service Committee) engages people of all ages to experience Japanese American history and culture and to improve their well-being through innovative, high quality programs and services tailored to the multicultural community. We offer classes and services for people of all ages and experience levels: - Ikebana flower arranging classes (4 week sessions and holiday workshops) - Cooking traditional Japanese foods (hot-pot, sushi, tempura, holiday, ramen, obento, and more) - Language classes (beginner and intermediate) - Art classes (Sumi-e ink painting, origami, Shodo calligraphy) - Tampopo Kai children's classes for ages 0-5

What we'll do

Experience the beautiful simplicity of ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging. Here you will learn the basics and be able to create your own stunning flower arrangements to take home and enjoy. This registration option is for one class, but are taught in sessions of four classes. You may join us for all four classes for $140. Contact us to discuss your interests! Price includes the cost of flowers. For class you will need a needle point holder/kenzan/frog - the Ohara school of ikebana calls for a rectangular one (pictured). We have a few you can borrow, but you will need your own if you would like to enjoy your work at home. These can be bought in class for $25 the day of (check with us to make sure we have some) or search for them online - often they are found in thrift shops (just make sure the needles are still straight)! You will also need some floral scissors or gardening shears to use in class, some are available to borrow during class. To enjoy your work at home you will also need a flat vase (or bowl), we have some for use during class. Instructor Yuko Inoue Darcy was trained at the Ohara School of Ikebana Chicago Chapter.



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    $40 USD

    per person

    $40 USD

    per person