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Immune Boosting Cooking Class

Sunnyvale, CA , United States

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As a "personal trainer for your kitchen," I focus on: the marriage of science and art; cooking methods and the presentation; techniques and improvisation; efficiency and flare. I will teach you life skills-- from knife skills to flavor building. In 2008, I gave up my newsroom career at a local newspaper and since then have been cooking professionally and teaching others. I've been in the health field for decades starting with my forays into achieving wellness for myself through food, in 1988. That journey led me to the esteemed Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts, where I graduated in 2006 and 2007, as a Nutrition Educator and Natural Chef, respectively. During the past decade, I did a deep dive into the art, science and sustainability of food and cooking. Please, join me on my journey.

What we'll do

This is a 3-hour PRIVATE cooking class for 1 or 2 people. Food is not included because this is a customized class and together we will build the menu based on your likes, your goals, your dietary plan. If need be, I can do the shopping and give the receipt to you for reimbursement, to be paid when we meet for the class. The fee for shopping is $40. Do you want more nutrition for your immune system to be the best it can be? This class is all about immune-boosting foods. And I also want you to use the best cooking methods to be sure the immune-boosting food that you eat will not be sabotaged by the way it's cooked. Choose this class if you feel a need to boost your immune system. Perhaps it's cold and flu season, perhaps you just had surgery, or you are about to travel and want to charge up your immunity. Related posts, below. In this cooking class, we will cover: 1) Eating for health: First of all, I don't subscribe to one diet -- I believe we all are bio-individual -- that each of us has our own protocols to follow and I can help you find what works best for you. 2) Menu planning: It's gotta happen, no skipping this step.  How to Plan a Menu 3) More plants = more fiber: The intestinal brooming action moves food and debris along the digestive process --both utilizing what you need and eliminating what you don't need. 4) Eat the rainbow: Different colors inherently have different nutrition, flavors, and thankfully, different textures. 5) Eat the whole plant, each part of the plant has a different purpose and therefore inherently have different nutrition, flavors, and textures. Underground: the roots and tubers. Closest to the ground: the stalks and stems. Reaching out and away: the leaves. Reproductive parts: the fruit, seeds, nuts and berries. 6) Quality fats: Cooking oils versus finishing oils Saturated fats versus unsaturated fats Animal fats versus vegetable oils versus nut and seed oils 7) Cooking methods: We will also cover for COOKING to boost your immune system: The best: low heat, short cooking time Time and temperature Stove top versus the oven Steaming versus saute versus braising ======================================================== Related Posts: A Cooks Guide to Healthy Condiments How to cook from your freezer Freezer cooking WHAT EXACTLY IS FREEZER COOKING?! Telephone calls ======================================================== Join me, a personal trainer for your kitchen, to build your culinary muscles and have fun with food and cooking. This class is for one or two people who: • want to get more comfortable in the kitchen. • learn specific techniques, including knife skills • get a better understanding of food and cooking science • learn how to expedite --and think-- like a chef • hone their skills with a specific cooking method In my classes, I teach how to build flavors, and how to taste test and adjust the flavors. Basic nutrition education is offered, too. Payment: Pre-payment is needed to confirm/secure the date. Location: your home or mine Menu: Together, we decide the menu and I will send a list of food that is needed. Shopping: I can shop, bring the food and give the receipt to you for reimbursement, to be paid when we meet for the class. The fee for shopping is $40.



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