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Los Angeles, CA , United States

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Jayes Caitlin is a printmaker, and textile designer, working out of the studio, Heavy Gel, in Los Angeles CA. (Design and Printmaking) (Textiles) (Art & Music)

What we'll do

This is an intro to knitting class! For a beginning knitter I think it's best to really have a class where students make a few quick swatches that'll teach you new skills and confidence to bring to your own projects. Then you'll have an arsenal of new stitches and skills to start working on a project! I believe the most invaluable skill you can know as a knitter is how to fix common errors, because knitting is easy till something goes wrong!! We'll go over: -casting on and off -basic knit stitch - fixing common errors (dropped stitches, tension, accidental increasing / decreasing) - gauge swatches (how to measure for knitting) -reading a pattern Students should supply their own pair of needles and at least one ball of yarn. I'll have a beginner pattern you guys can start on, but free to bring patterns if you are interested in starting specific projects or have questions! This class is currently meeting at Echo Park Lake, near the boathouse, under some shade. We'll have a sign and some knitting on a blanket, but if you can't find me, just give me a call / text 312-351-2898 Check out my more advanced classes!




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