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Blacksmithing Discovery Class

Start Smithing! The Ancient DIY Craft. Not sure what blacksmithing is or if you’re really interested? This could be for you! Come watch a demonstration and t...

Blacksmithing Discovery Class
Los Angeles, CA, United States
4 h
Host's Venue
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1 - 11 Guest(s)

Start Smithing! The Ancient DIY Craft. Not sure what blacksmithing is or if you’re really interested? This could be for you! Come watch a demonstration and then give it a try in the forge with the help of Nancy Tarczynski, Aram Nigoghosian, Scott Higgins, Armondo Herrera, or one of our other intrepid instructors. The pre-industrial art of blacksmithing has existed since the ancient times - copper making at high temperature dates as far back as 5,000 BCE! Projects will be simple and give you a taste of what hot forging is about. You’ll learn how to work safely as well as basic forging skills while having fun and maybe even walking away with a useful item. Come discover blacksmithing for yourself. SAFETY NOTES: Metal working involves a certain amount of inherent risk. Many of the tools and techniques used at Adam’s Forge are capable of causing injury. Tools can burn, cut and abrade. These are merely examples and not a complete list of dangers. If we are all aware and use safe practices we can minimize those dangers, hence the need for a safety policy. Each smith is responsible for their own safety as well as the safety of others nearby. Participants must have instructor clearance before they use any tool. HYDRATION: If you’re not sweating you’re probably not doing it right. Please bring something non-alcoholic to drink. Water works perfectly! PROTECTIVE CLOTHING (COTTON, WOOL, or LEATHER): Nonflammable material is REQUIRED at all times. Tee shirts and jeans are perfect. FOOTWEAR (LEATHER, COTTON): Nonflammable and with the toes covered to protect the feet from the constant production of hot and sharp metal fragments which rain down on the feet constantly is REQUIRED at all times. A steel toe is optional and provides protection against a dropped hammer or work piece. Boots, with the pants outside the boot top will prevent the hot and sharp metal fragments from getting in and burning your feet. All other tools and gear are provided without extra charge!

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Adam's Forge is creating a thriving blacksmithing community through a regular schedule of classes and events that inspires and supports aspiring artists, trades people, and community. Incorporated as a 501(c)(3) in 2002 as a memorial to artist blacksmith Adam Leventhal, Adam’s Forge encourages students of diverse ages and abilities to express themselves artistically through the medium of metals. We are a cooperative of artist blacksmiths sharing knowledge, a place to work, tools, equipment and camaraderie. Our primary mission is to raise awareness, teach skills, preserve and advance the craft, and broaden and grow the blacksmithing community. Programs include classes, public demonstrations and exhibitions.
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Blacksmithing Discovery Class
Hosted by Adam's Forge
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