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Jude's Drawing Class

Los Angeles, CA , United States

About Your Host

Hey there! My name is Jude, I'm a 24 y/o freelance illustrator and comic book artist living in the San Fernando Valley. I've drawn comics for a number of indie and small-press publishers in addition to self-publishing my own content for print and web. Check out my work here -> I started thinking about offering some sort of art course for drawing because I kept getting friends asking "How did you learn to draw?" or "I wish I could draw like you". I was always willing to give them some help and pointers, so I've decided it's time to actually turn that into something more concrete and accessible. Feel free to drop me a message anytime, and I'll respond as soon as I can!

What we'll do

You wanna draw? That’s great! Pick up a pencil and get to it. You wanna draw like me? Well that’s kind See, each artist has their own style. I can’t teach you how to draw exactly like me, but I can guide you along your own drawing journey. This is a intro-level drawing course which will include basic anatomy, perspective, and other stuff. That's right, other stuff- meaning I'm going to tailor each lesson to some basic skills but also specifically anything that you want to focus on. All you’re going to need is… Something to draw on: Paper, a sketchbook, drawing table w/computer Something to draw with: pencil, crayon, chalk, anything but pens and markers- those are for another lesson. If you're interested in this class but you're online and live in Texas or France or somethin' else that doesn't exist outside of Los Angeles (As IF!), that's okay! I'm hip to skype and google hangouts and time is a concept anyways! Just drop me a message and I can accommodate something for you.



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    $30 USD

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    $30 USD

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