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Master Kyle grew up in Boulder, Colorado, always enjoying outdoor activities. He moved to LA to work in Post Production but has parted ways with that profession to have time to practice and teach Pa Kua while raising a family. Pa Kua has allowed him to be happy and patient, and to have clarity when making tough choices. It provides a way to keep on growing up even though he is an adult already. He is always excited to share that knowledge with the world!

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The price is for 1 group class. For thousands of years, man has looked to the stars to learn about the universe that surrounds us. Civilization has developed its living cycles and means of survival through observation of the movements repeated by the planets, the seasons, and nature in general. Today’s modern lifestyle and comforts have made many city dwellers forget the rhythm of seasons and it has become more important to return to the age-old knowledge of Tai Chi to study the movements that emulate the natural life cycles. Tai Chi incorporates slow movements used as a form of relaxation and teaches control of every part of the body. The movements practiced are slow and steady and students focus on developing control and form as well as increasing muscle tone and improving flexibility. Fighting and self-defense techniques are included in the slow moving art. Students studying Tai Chi will improve their health and develop a sense of internal calm. Tai Chi teaches synchronization with the environment. Moving in concert with the dynamics of the cosmos. Following the movements of the universe. Looking for inner strength and outer softness. Using introspection. It’s the maximum expression of non-confrontation. It’s about opening the mind and breaking free of structure. The study of Tai Chi also includes Chi Gong (Qigong or Chi Kung), which literally translates to “Life Energy Reltivation” or “Working with Life Energy.” Its practice involves slow, flowing movements coordinated with deep breathing. It is a moving meditation. Chi Gong helps the practitioner access higher awareness, awakens one’s true nature, and helps to develop one’s potential.



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    $25 USD

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    $25 USD

    per person