Intro To Hip Hop Improv

Los Angeles, CA , United States

About Your Host

Keith Saltojanes has performed in many improv, sketch comedy, and house team shows at the UCB Theater (NY & LA), iO West, Second City, the Nerdist Theater, the Groundlings, the Comedy Central Stage, San Francisco Sketchfest, Chicago Improv Fest, and more. He regularly performs with his comedy group, Brute Squad (winners of the 10th Annual Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival Sketch Competition and Longtime Mainstage House Sketch Team at iO West) and some on-screen credits include Curb Your Enthusiasm, Community, Cougartown, Comedy Central, AMC, and more. He has been teaching improvisers, non-improvisers, actors, comedy groups, and corporate teams the skills of improvisation all over the country and most recently traveled overseas to teach the first long form improv class in China, and was a part of the very first Harold form ever performed in the country. Keith also holds the World Record for Longest Improv Show at 150 Hours through a show he co-created, the 7 Day Show.

What we'll do

Only Available if you have taken a Hip Hop Improv class or workshop before The Intro level Hip Hop Improv class is all about learning to articulate your ideas through the language of freestyle rap. Successful freestyling comes down to three things: Energy, Confidence, and Direction. Through a series of warmups and exercises you will acquire the foundation of Freestyle rap and learn how those principles can apply to any form of improvisation. No previous experience necessary, just a willingness to take risks and have fun!



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    $40 USD

    per person

    $40 USD

    per person