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Intermediate Long Form and Formal Application Class

Los Angeles, CA , United States

About Your Host

Keith Saltojanes has performed in many improv, sketch comedy, and house team shows at the UCB Theater (NY & LA), iO West, Second City, the Nerdist Theater, the Groundlings, the Comedy Central Stage, San Francisco Sketchfest, Chicago Improv Fest, and more. He regularly performs with his comedy group, Brute Squad (winners of the 10th Annual Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival Sketch Competition and Longtime Mainstage House Sketch Team at iO West) and some on-screen credits include Curb Your Enthusiasm, Community, Cougartown, Comedy Central, AMC, and more. He has been teaching improvisers, non-improvisers, actors, comedy groups, and corporate teams the skills of improvisation all over the country and most recently traveled overseas to teach the first long form improv class in China, and was a part of the very first Harold form ever performed in the country. Keith also holds the World Record for Longest Improv Show at 150 Hours through a show he co-created, the 7 Day Show.

What we'll do

So you’ve learned how to start scenes from nothing, be comfortable on stage and how to perform a simple piece. Now what? This class will be eight-weeks in the study and practice of moreintermediate improv comedy techniques that will cover the following: -Creating original, creative characters that stretch beyond the ones you currently play -Learn Short Form improv games, and the benefits of them in Long Form -Using different editing techniques to enrich your scenes -The different improv scene types that exist, and how to recognize and play each of them -Generating ideas, and how to successfully initiate with them -Learn a more intermediate long form structure and opening -Play fearlessly, supportive, and with complete freedom in every scene To be eligible for this class, you must have completed Level 1 and have teacher’s approval or have the equivalent at another improv school (just let us know your experience). In addition, the course will culminate in a graduation show that will put to use all of the skills and tools learned during the session. Classes are 3 hours, and meet for 8 weeks in addition to the graduation showcase on a separate day and take place at The Clubhouse Theatre in Los Angeles.



for Intermediate Long Form and Formal Application Class

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    $310 USD

    per person

    $310 USD

    per person