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Burbank, CA , United States

About Your Host

LA Dance Central was created to make dance accessible to everyone no matter how many left feet they have. We believe that everyone has their own path to follow and we want to help each person get there. We all had to start at the beginning. We will make it fun and easy! Stew is the founder of LA Dance Central and has been teaching and competing since 1985. He has a true passion for social dancing and sharing his love of dance with others. Stew is very active and is highly sought after as a coach and choreographer for television and film as well as music videos. LA Dance Central was picked as one of the Best Ballroom Studios Multiple times in the LA area.

What we'll do

This ain't no disco! Hustle as a dance has evolved with the music of today and is one of the most versatile dances musically do to its ability to fit a wide span of music and tempos. perfect for just about anywhere that plays pop music from hip hop to funk. Full of turns and cuddles this will be your favorite dance in no time! Single and couples welcome. Hustle is great as a first dance to learn for anyone.



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    $32 USD

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