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About Your Host

I graduated from Kansas City Art Institute in May 2015. I do paintings and sculptures. I also do installations, poetry, a little bit of audio/music, and a little bit of media. My art focuses on psychological matters in a therapeutic way. I do consider art to be therapeutic and am on my way to get my masters in Art Therapy. I have learned the foundations of art and will help guide anyone who is interested in art. If you are new and want to learn art, then I can help you. I've had experience working with people who were new. Here are some links to see some of my art. (click next to see more)

What we'll do

Learn to master the paint brush on any canvas you choose or learn to sketch with the pencil like Da Vinci. We can start with the basics for new artists or challenge ourselves for those more advanced. I will teach you to use each medium while you discover something more than colors on paper. We can begin with still life, or explore more complex environments, all based on the desires of the guest. Painting is about growth and a journey. Embrace it and learn from it. Each person can get something out of it if they are willing to really think deep. From my experience, I discovered that I always keep coming back to certain subject matters. I learned that my art follows my life, the stage I'm in. It journeys with me. I won't throw any of this on you if you are here just to learn or already have a direction. I respect one's wishes. What the guest is to bring: Some art supplies, depending which medium you want to use. I can supply some.



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    $30 USD

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